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Venmo - On-line Giving

Emmanuel Lutheran Church is launching a new online giving option through Venmo.com.

Venmo, a subsidiary of PayPal, is a free money exchange platform that was recommended to Emmanuel by the ELCA Synod of Northeastern Ohio.  Unlike PayPal, there are no transactional fees with a bank account transfer, so you know that 100% of your offering goes to the church treasury.

To use Venmo:
1.    Download the Venmo app to your smartphone.
2.    Create a Venmo account with a username and password.
3.    Link your bank account to your Venmo account using your routing number and account number.

To maintain the privacy of your donation, you (the donor) need to adjust the privacy settings of your account.
1.    Log in to Venmo.
2.    Tap the icon in the upper left.
3.    Choose “Settings.”
4.    Choose “Privacy.”
5.    Select “Private – Visible to sender and recipient only.”

To contribute to Emmanuel:
1.    Transfer money from your bank account to your Venmo account.
2.    Tap the icon in the upper left to search for recipients.
3.    Search for “@Emmanuel-Lutheran” on Venmo.
4.    Transfer money from your Venmo account to Emmanuel’s Venmo account.

When contributing to Emmanuel, please indicate the following in the “What is it for?” section:    This is very important!
1.    Your envelope number.
2.    The fund to which you are donating (e.g., Weekly Offering, Building & Maintenance, Capital Improvement, etc.).

This new method of giving is "in addition" to all existing methods of giving and all existing methods of giving will remain as is for those who choose not to use this new option. 

To contact us:
Phone: 330-332-5042
Fax: 330-332-4405
Email: lutheran251@sbcglobal.net
251 S. Broadway Avenue
Salem, OH 44460