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Prayer Corner

October 2023

We celebrate the Reformation in the month of October. Martin Luther was the leader in the Reformation and in his writings, he reveals his thoughts and also who he was. It does not take long to learn that Luther was a man of prayer. He spent hours in meditation and prayer. Because of the overwhelming times of spiritual trial, terror, and despair during the religious crisis he was encountering, he had a German word (anfechtungen) that he used to describe the situation. Matthew C. Harrison translated a small book about Luther and his prayer life, “A Simple way to Pray.” In this little work, Luther lays out his simple method of prayer. 1) Instructions Bible Scripture, 2) Thanksgiving, 3) Confession, and 4) Prayer. This method of prayer can be very helpful when we encounter our own Anfechtungen. This method also anchors prayer not only in the Scriptures but allows the Holy Spirit to bring forth thoughts from the Word. Praying in the way Luther describes requires a time of solitude and being intentional about your prayer time. Prayer time can bring us closer to our Lord.  Are we willing to take a step to try to improve our prayer and spiritual life?

Prayer:  Dear Father, we have many Anfechtungens in our own lives, some of our own doing and some are not, but Lord we constantly need to come to you and feel the comfort and support that you give when we need you most. So often we think we can solve all our problems, but we also know you are there and all we have to do is ask and you answer. 


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