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Prayer Corner

January 2019

I have been thinking and I've made a decision. Do we want worship that produces warm memories or nostalgia, or sing songs that give us the warm fuzzies? Do we need self-help, feel good messages? Do we care if we have an inviting vestibule at church that looks like somebody's living room, or if we have coffee to drink when we open the Bible? Should we do things out of habit, because it’s what we have always done and supposedly that's what church looks like? Church is not a place we go, it’s who we are. In fact, my salvation has nothing to do with how I feel at any moment in time, on the authority of the Word of God; it is solely wrapped up in the finished work of a crucified, buried, resurrected and ascended Lord. And His name is Jesus the Christ. And He is what I want more of. How about you?

-----Jeff Audrain Field Manager for Gideons International

Jeff lives in Nashville TN and is a good Christian friend, we spent two weeks together in 2016 in The Philippines distributing Scriptures -- Ron Stanley.

Prayer: Lord, let us not base our salvation on the type of worship or the type of music and let us not also become stoic in our worship. But Lord, we need to remember that you were born to die, to die on the cross for my salvation. Let us not allow the style of worship interfere with our salvation. Let us be joyful in our love for you and in our worship service. Amen

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