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Prayer Corner

February 2023

How big of a part does prayer play in your Christian life? “Well, I pray in the church services and sometimes before meals and if I need help.” This is probably about average for today’s Christian. But there are many ways to pray; you do not need to sit in a quiet place with your hands folded. You can pray at any place at any time if you keep God in the forefront of your thoughts. Some people like to walk. So, as you go on your routine, and you walk past the same houses pray for those who live in that house. Some like to start the day with prayer, others prefer to end their day with prayer at night after the day is over.

Have you ever had a time when a name come to your mind? Pray for that person; he or she may need your prayer support and the Holy Spirit is informing you of that person’s needs. There are as many ways and times and places to pray as we can envision. Prayer is easy; just slow down, take a moment of peace and quiet and talk to your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Maybe if you just sit down and talk to him you may get to know him better.

Prayer:  Dear Lord, prayer is not difficult it is easy, it is just like talking to a friend, but we put all kind of obstacles in the way. Give us a clear path, remove those obstacles so we can talk to you, not just in time of need but constantly giving you thanks for your many blessings. We ask all this in Jesus’ name. Amen.                   

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