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Prayer Corner

February 2018
Just a few weeks ago we heard over and over Merry Christmas. It was nice to know that  people are comfortable wishing you a Merry Christmas again. Then a few days later came Happy New Year. Next will be Happy Valentine’s Day It’s a nice gesture to wish someone a Happy Valentine’s Day, but I am not quite sure what that really means. Do not forget next in March we have St. Patrick’s Day. If someone is Irish and you wish them a Happy St. Patrick’s Day it probably has some meaning, but what if you are Saxon? So, what are you going to do on Easter Sunday April 1st? Are you going to wish someone Happy April Fool’s Day or are you going to say “He is Risen?” Or is this going to be too difficult to say, because someone may ask, “what do you mean by that?” Then what do you say? Your answer should be, “my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has risen from the dead.” Are you OK with saying that? Well Easter is about two months away so you have time to think about it. Oh, by the way Happy Ground Hog Day.

Lord, let us be mindful of what is happening around us by acknowledging these different days that are celebrated, but keep us focused on what is important. Valentine’s Day is a day to show love, let us do that. Also let us show that love every day to those in need, those hurting from the loss of a loved one, those with health issues, and those who do not know You. But Lord, most of all let us show our love for You, not just on one day but every day as we walk closer with You.

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