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Prayer Corner

April 2018
We have just lost the greatest evangelist of our time in the Rev. Billy Graham. Billy Graham was a very humble man, he was a very strong man, and he was a very powerful man. Not in power as we think of it, but powerful from the standpoint of trust in the Lord that enabled him to preach the word of God to leaders all over the world. What made Billy Graham so different from all the other evangelists of our time? Billy Graham had a passion, he had a passion to win the lost to Christ, it didn’t matter about your wealth, your race, your gender, your nationality; he wanted all to come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior. From day one until his death he never wavered from that message, and that message
was Jesus Christ our risen savior. What can we learn from the Evangelist Billy Graham? Where is your passion for the lost? Lost family members, lost neighbors, co-workers, and yes even fellow church members. All we have to do is remember the Easter season. The Lord’s Supper, the dying on the cross, the rising from tomb, His ascension into heaven carrying all our sins and burdens. This is why Billy Graham was who he was, he never, never moved away from that message. Christ freeing us from our sin. Jesus died for our sins, do you have a passion to tell others?

Prayer: Dear Father thank you for your blessings, the blessing of your Son Jesus Christ, our Savior that carried the burden of our sins. Lord now through the power of the Holy Spirit give us the will, the courage to tell others about Jesus Christ and that we may have some of that passion Billy Graham had for the lost. Amen.

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