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Council Highlights


  • A motion to permanently split the Thanksgiving offering between the Salem Community Food Pantry and The Banquet each year was made, seconded and passed.

Family Ministry
  • Safety Committee meeting took place and a walk-through with the Fire Department planned.
  • Plans made for handouts and snacks for the Open House on December 8.

Property Division
  • Items that needed attention, as noted by the Safety Committee that were attended to include the installation of exit signs and smoke alarms/detectors in the Education Building
  • Continue to seek quotes for landscaping.

Management Division
  • Work continues on the 2019 budget.
  • Discussion of electronic giving took place.

Worship Division
  • Acolyte training took place on November 11 with seven youth participating.
  • New Christmas trees were requested for the altar area. A motion to purchase was made, seconded and passed.

Youth Division
  • Youth will help Alchemy Acres make pumpkin rolls for their fundraiser.
  • Youth will help decorate the Church for Christmas on December 1 and 2.

Parish Education
  • The Children’s Choir will be part of the Cantata.
  • Looking into an adult four-week study on prayer; a questionnaire will be distributed to gauge interest for days and times.
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