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March 2023

Division Spotlight
From our Council Division Chairs

Management Division
met on February 14 at 7:00 p.m. We reviewed our January statements. Our expenses are slightly below projections given the mild winter. Our giving is a little better than last January, however our Faith Budget giving has started the year about $300 behind our estimates. All reports were unanimously approved. Pastor forwarded a request from Salem High School to consider an ad for their spring play. We unanimously approved a $70 half-page ad like we ran in 2022 with the funds coming from Membership’s Publicity budget. Our next meeting is Tuesday March 14 at 7:00 p.m.
Vic Maroscher

Membership Division
- Recently during some sorting of supplies in the unused classrooms of the Education Building some scrapbooking materials were found. There is actually quite a bit of nice papers and other supplies. As representing the Membership Division, it is my job to mail out all the birthday cards for all the members of the congregation. I’ve decided that I will attempt to start a card making group specifically to make the congregation birthday cards using those scrapbooking supplies. I’m thinking about it being a "make them at home" kind of thing with a designated time once a month for volunteers to stop in for supplies, instruction or drop off completed cards. I would like to welcome all ages to volunteer to be part of this group. I don’t think it requires any experience or special supplies just scissors, a ruler and some glue plus a desire to create something fun to share with our church family. If anyone is interested in this new group or has any questions or suggestions, please contact me.
Thank you,
Peggy Sanor

Membership Division
- We now have an active Facebook page for Emmanuel Lutheran Church members to follow. Please consider following us there. You will find service schedules, links for YouTube weekly service videos and Pastor Alan’s sermon each week. Also, we hope to include other special announcements and inspirational posts that will nurture your faith and renew your connection to your church family. If you have any ideas for posts, such as announcements of births, marriages, graduations or any life events you wish to share, please contact me at psanor@sbcglobal.net .... do not forget to include pictures. There are two other Facebook pages out there for Emmanuel Lutheran Salem that are not active. Pastor and I have not been able to take them down due to lack of proper administration rights. Please be sure to use the page with Jesus’ face as the profile picture . . .  Yes, follow Jesus! 
Peggy Sanor

To contact us:
Phone: 330-332-5042
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Email: lutheran251@gmail.com
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