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November 2021

Division Spotlight
From our Council Division Chairs

Property Division did not meet in November because the meeting date fell on Election Day.

Update on projects:
  • The plumbing update for the kitchen project was completed. This will allow the remodel to continue. Hopefully it will be completed early December.
  • The survey for the shed and legal description was submitted to the City for approval and the shed was ordered. Completion of the project will be early spring.
  • Re-caulk of front steps to church is still being delayed due to weather. We may now have to wait until spring due to cold weather and the effect it may have on the caulk.
  • We are gathering information and cost estimates for the Fellowship Hall air conditioning.
  • The heating problem has been repaired in the sanctuary. The blower motor that circulates the heat was faulty and causing fuses to blow. We were blessed to have a spare motor available which saved considerable cost on the repair.
  • The heating problem in the Education Building Parlor was found to be a faulty pump and will be replaced by Prout Boiler.
  • As previously reported, I will be meeting with a representative of the Smucker House in November to discuss the trimming or removal and replacement of the arborvitae at their cost. Any input from the Congregation would be appreciated. The Congregation will be informed before any action is taken.
Allan Wolfgang

met in person on Tuesday November 9 at 7:00 p.m. Susan Johnston also attended. Sue Dean presented the October financial report. Everything remains strong with our 2021 Budget, plus our Benevolence Faith Budget giving continues to grow ahead of projections. All staff reviews were returned. All comments were positive. No action was required. We approved a 2022 preliminary Budget to be presented to Council at their November meeting by Vic to be reviewed. We will approve a formal 2022 Budget at our December meeting to be approved by Council at their December meeting. The next Management Division meeting will be December 14 at 7:00 p.m.

Vic Maroscher

Membership Division -
We now have an active Facebook page for Emmanuel Lutheran Church members to follow. Please consider following us there. You will find service schedules, links for YouTube weekly service videos and Pastor Alan’s sermon each week. Also, we hope to include other special announcements and inspirational posts that will nurture your faith and renew your connection to your church family. If you have any ideas for posts, such as announcements of births, marriages, graduations or any life events you wish to share, please contact me at psanor@sbcglobal.net .... do not forget to include pictures. There are two other Facebook pages out there for Emmanuel Lutheran Salem that are not active. Pastor and I have not been able to take them down due to lack of proper administration rights. Please be sure to use the page with Jesus’ face as the profile picture . . .  Yes, follow Jesus! 
Peggy Sanor

To contact us:
Phone: 330-332-5042
Fax: 330-332-4405
Email: lutheran251@gmail.com
251 S. Broadway Avenue
Salem, OH 44460