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This month, Ladies Circle met at Auburn so that I could be included and Helen Vignon also. And what a lunch we had! I have to admit a few things though. Pat ate faster than Pastor (hard to believe, I know!). He was the only one who was offered seconds of our main meal. He declined, surprisingly! We had excellent cream pie for dessert and since Pastor could not decide which he wanted, he had seconds on pie. He loves his sweets! He even started raiding the Easter boxes that we were given as favors, taking his candy out before lunch and eating it as though he just could not wait!

The hostess from Auburn, Vicky Grella, talked just a bit about the renovations here at Auburn. They have really upgraded a lot of things and she just wanted to point out some of them. I can personally attest that the changes have been wonderful for the residents.

Next, Pat Saltsman gave the lesson. It drew an illustration that likened Jesus in his last days to a mother hen protecting her chicks. I find this an eye opening idea. He offers shelter to those who would remain close to Him. She also included two other example articles for us to read. To conclude the lesson, Pat read the story of “Stone Soup.” It had the wonderful moral that, if we all work together, we will get more done than we can accomplish on our own. This story is available on the web if you search “Stone-Soup-The-Story.”

To conclude our meeting, we prayed for anyone that was in our hearts with concerns and then ended with the Lord’s Prayer. We had a wonderful time! 

Tina Hays

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